Can am defender glass windshield replacement?

Only 2 left in stock. Order it soon. Alternatively, you can also get the cheapest non-folding glass windshield and turn it into a flip-up windshield with minimal effort. The bottom line when choosing the right windshield for your UTV is that you have to look at it, you have to look through it, it has to protect yourself and, therefore, you need to know the terrain you are going through, the conditions in which you will be driving and whether or not you want a windshield that you need to install before leaving home or one that can be put on while you are traveling.

Most OEM windshields offered by Can-Am dealers are very expensive and tend to lack most of the features you'll find on aftermarket windshields. For UTV riders who live in wet, damp and damp areas, a full glass windshield with Can-am Defender windshield wipers is suggested, either manual or automatic. In addition, a Can-Am Defender polycarbonate windshield is much lighter than a glass windshield, meaning your vehicle weighs less. Get windshield and other windshield-related accessories for your side by side from Everything Can-Am Offroad.

But to get the best of both worlds, a good number of riders have opted for the folding windshields and the Can-am Defender folding windshields. A traditional glass windshield offers the best visibility, but UTV glass windshields are not flexible and can break with enough force. When closed, these Can-am Defender folding and folding windshields are 99% sealed and can keep heat in or out of dust. Can-Am Defender Fully Vented Windshield: All the great features of the full windshield, but it has additional ventilation to allow air to enter the cabin.

Many of the aftermarket UTV windshields you see here have the potential to be the perfect windshield for you. You can get a full front windshield with a top and rear combination for your Can-Am Defender or a UV- or scratch-resistant Poly Versa folding windshield for your Can-Am Defender MAX. We strongly recommend adding a rear windshield or rear panel every time you add any type of front windshield.

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