The Benefits of a Windshield Replacement

The windshield is a vital safety feature in your car and must be replaced immediately when it has become cracked or damaged. The process of replacing the entire windscreen may be complex but it should not be an issue when done by an experienced mechanic.

The repair procedure usually starts with an inspection of the damage by a mechanic. This is essential to determine whether the crack is small enough to be repaired or if it needs to be replaced.

1. Safety

The windshield of your car acts as a physical barrier between the driver and passengers in case of a collision. Along with seat belts and air bags, the windshield helps keep occupants inside the vehicle during an accident by blocking ejection and cushioning impact.

Today, auto manufacturers use laminated safety glass that contains a thin layer of polyvinyl butyal (PVB) between two solid layers. This laminated glass greatly contributes to the structural strength of a vehicle during head on collisions, and it also aids in the deployment of air bags.

A modern windshield is also designed to help a vehicle’s occupants stay inside a car during a crash by redirecting wind away from the driver and passengers. In addition, advanced safety systems such as lane departure warnings help drivers avoid accidents by alerting them when they move out of their lane.

ADAS (Advanced Driver-Assistance System) technology uses sensors, cameras, and other equipment mounted on your windshield to make your car safer. Whenever you have your windshield replaced, these systems must be recalibrated to ensure they are working properly.

2. Looks

If you have a windshield that has a crooked or wavy pattern when you look out of it, this is a sign that the new glass wasn't installed properly. The edges of the glass have old and dry adhesive that can cause them to buckle under pressure from an impact.

If your new windshield is leaking water, this is another warning sign that it was not installed properly. Usually, this is due to air pockets in the frame.

You may also hear a whooshing sound when you drive at high speeds, which is also a sign that your windshield was not installed correctly. If this happens, get your new glass replaced immediately!

3. Ease of Installation

The ease of installation is one of the reasons that windshield replacements are so popular. Windshield replacements don’t need to be difficult, and in many cases, they can be completed within an hour of the technician arriving at your home or office.

Before your windshield can be installed, it needs to be cured (hardened). This takes time and usually depends on the type of urethane used, temperature, and humidity.

As a result, the auto glass installers who complete your windshield replacement will ask you to wait at least an hour before driving your vehicle. This allows the adhesives that hold the new glass in place to properly cure.

If you drive your car immediately after installation, the adhesives can shift or crack while you are driving. This can lead to water and air leaks, which can cause serious damage to your vehicle. This is why it’s important to choose a windshield replacement company that employs trained and certified technicians.

4. Value

A windshield is arguably one of the most important components of your car, and it plays an essential role in keeping the vehicle’s occupants safe. Its original purpose was to maintain wind road dust, water and other debris from entering your vehicle during your travels, but as vehicles have evolved, the windshield also provides a clear view of the road ahead.

However, over time, this glass gets damaged and needs to be replaced. Cracked, chipped or shattered glass can affect your driving safety, and it can also make it difficult to see where you’re going in low light conditions.

Prices for windshield replacements vary, depending on the type of glass needed and other factors such as your location, service provider and the level of damage. The cost will also increase if you have special features, like rain sensors and blind-spot assistance systems, installed in your windshield.

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