Can am defender replacement windshield?

Can-Am Defender windshields, semi-windshields, full windshields and folding or folding windshields made of glass, plexiglass, poly and lexan. Companies such as SATV and Kolpin Powersports make good hard-coated windshields and half windshields for both the front and rear of the Can-AM Defender. When closed, these Can-am Defender folding and folding windshields are 99% sealed and can keep heat in or out of dust. You can get a full front windshield with a top and rear combination for your Can-Am Defender or a UV- or scratch-resistant Poly Versa folding windshield for your Can-Am Defender MAX.

In addition, a Can-Am Defender polycarbonate windshield is much lighter than a glass windshield, meaning your vehicle weighs less. That's why it's so important to have the right windshield and accessories for your Can-Am Defender. For UTV riders who live in wet, damp and damp areas, a full glass windshield with Can-am Defender windshield wipers is suggested, either manual or automatic. But to get the best of both worlds, a good number of riders have opted for the folding windshields and the Can-am Defender folding windshields.

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