Is windshield replacement free in arizona?

Arizona is one of six states with a free windshield replacement law. Which means that glass coverage is included in all comprehensive auto insurance Which means that auto glass coverage is included in all comprehensive insurance policies This law includes your policy deductible that does not apply to windshield claims and that you pay nothing of your pocket. Any insurer that takes out private passenger car insurance that includes comprehensive coverage for motor vehicle damage will provide, at the option of the insured, full coverage for the repair or replacement of all damaged safety equipment without regard to any deductible. To qualify for windshield replacement or repair with no deductible, you must have a comprehensive auto insurance policy that covers damage to your vehicle.

This means that if you have this coverage, you can choose to repair or replace your windshield without using the deductible. If you're from a state (like Arizona and Florida) that offers a zero-deductible policy, then it's worth buying windshield replacement insurance. If glass coverage isn't included in your auto insurance policy, you'll likely pay for windshield replacement and repairs. If you have comprehensive insurance coverage and live in Arizona, by law, your insurance company must offer you a no-deductible coverage option for windshield replacement.

If you select the right auto glass store, you can even get a huge refund every time you replace your windshield. As long as you're not abusing the system, your insurance rates won't go up after a windshield replacement claim. Arizona is one of the few states in the U.S. Where you don't have to pay anything out of your own pocket to have your broken windshield replaced.

The replaced windshield comes with a 100% warranty that lasts the entire life of the vehicle and covers labor and materials. This means that your insurance company will not charge you a deductible in case you file a windshield replacement claim. Insurance companies in Florida, Kentucky and South Carolina are required to pay for windshield replacement without applying a deductible. In Arizona, for example, the law requires a no-deductible glass coverage option for windshield replacement.

For the windshield replacement law to apply, you must have a comprehensive policy that covers your car. Yes, you must use insurance to repair or replace your windshield if it would cost you more than your deductible to pay out of pocket for work.

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