What insurance covers windshield replacement?

Car insurance covers windshield damage and replacement in most cases through comprehensive insurance. Most auto insurers cover windshield replacement if you have comprehensive coverage in your policy. In some cases, deductibles do not apply for windshield repairs. However, if you need to completely replace your windshield, you are likely to be responsible for paying your comprehensive deductible, unless you live in a “zero deductible” status.

State Farm covers both windshield repairs and replacements, depending on the extent of damage. In addition, if you live in one of the “no deductible” states (Florida, South Carolina, or Kentucky), all comprehensive auto insurance policies are required to pay in full for windshield replacement or repair. Elsewhere, you should expect to pay your full deductible for windshield replacement, unless your policy specifies otherwise. Similar to comprehensive coverage, drivers generally have to pay a deductible for collision claims, unless their insurance has a windshield replacement program with no deductible.

Geico schedules windshield repairs and replacements quickly, often on the same day the claim is made. Yes, you have to pay a deductible for windshield replacement if you use your comprehensive or collision coverage. If your windshield is damaged in a car accident and the other driver is at fault, the driver's liability coverage will pay for the windshield. Without delay, the glass shop moved to replace the windshield on the same day and took additional steps to ensure that the trim was sealed properly.

Just as windshield repair and replacement costs vary by make and model of a vehicle, so does the amount of coverage your vehicle will receive, but reputable stores, such as Safelite, work with most insurance companies and can help you determine how much, if any, out-of-pocket costs. Liability insurance only covers windshield replacement if someone else caused damage to your car. In some states, there are specific laws that regulate whether customers will have to pay their deductible for windshield repairs or replacements. Many dealers qualify as a one-stop service for all your car needs, including windshield replacement and even body work.

Typically, chips less than a quarter and cracks less than a few inches long can be repaired, but windshields with larger cracks, cracks extending from the edge of the windshield, or deep chips may require a complete replacement. Yes, State Farm will pay windshield replacement or repair services for customers with comprehensive coverage, although a deductible will apply unless state law or policy details say otherwise. Even if you have comprehensive or collision coverage, your insurance will not pay for windshield repair or replacement if you intentionally caused the damage. As you can see, insurance coverage for windshield repair and replacement depends largely on your insurance policy and the state in which you live.

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